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Green Data Center Conference, meetup & more in February

January 19, 2010

I recently was invited by the President of GSMI, the Global Strategic Management Institute, to attend the upcoming Green Data Center Conference in San Diego during the first week of February, to speak with some industry experts and interview some of the distinguished faculty. 

We plan to make the output from that activity available (podcasts, articles etc.) on GSMI’s Sustainability forum, and I will link to it from this blog for your convenience.

If you are planning to attend the Conference, you should know that I have an arrangement with GSMI whereby readers can earn a 15% discount off your fee as an attendee, exhibitor or sponsor by entering my discount code:  [ ecocentric ] when registering at .

How else can you get engaged, whether or not you attend?

  1. Drop me a quick comment/reply below detailing any question or issue you’d like to see addressed at the conference.  I’ll do my best hard hitting investigative reporter impression for you.
  2. Start/arrange a meetup at  .
  3. Forward, re-tweet or otherwise share this post URL any way you like.
  4. Join GSMI and get engaged in their fast growing community of sustainability-minded professionals.
  5. Subscribe (free) to this Blog using the Subscribe feature in the right margin to get weekly updates, articles and announcement of other upcoming events and resources.  I value your feedback and will strive to responsibly filter information based on your interests.

Hope to see you in San Diego!


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