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ISO 31000 for Risk Management

May 17, 2011

A Compass Beats a Map Any Day

A few years ago, while working in marketing and sales at global risk management software leader Cura Software, I had the transformative experience of supporting a group of visionary thought leaders on the subject of global risk and opportunity management by helping publicize and promote the adoption of ISO 31000 as the global standard for risk and opportunity management.

By thought leaders, I mean real leaders  – people actually making a difference in how the world perceives and effectively manages the risks and opportunities of business, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Two years later, it is gratifying to see the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has adopted ISO 31000, considered the “gold standard” of principles and standards in risk and opportunity management.

Purchase and study a copy of this terse, plainspoken, 30-odd page booklet (or search for a free, outdated draft online), and I think you’ll agree that ISO 31000 represents a singular opportunity to place a compass in the hand of everyone with best intentions of achieving a safer, more stable environment for business, society and humanity.

Like all worthwhile efforts, achieving global sustainability by mid-century will require work, but in a world where vendors sometimes offer biased maps with themselves at the center, it is advisable to have a compass.

The ISO 31000 standard is available for purchase from ANSI for around $110 USD.  Get it!

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